My Writing

Here’s a list of everything Korra related I’ve written.

I also wrote an original novel that’s coming out in May

You can also view the random drabbles too short to make the list through this tag.


Fight Like a Girl - ffnet COMPLETE

All Korra wanted was to fight, but as a girl - even as the Avatar - that world is closed to her. Refusing to accept her lot in life, she dresses as a boy to join the Fire Ferrets pro-bending team, and finds out that while being a boy might free her somewhat, she also runs into some unexpected problems…especially concerning her love life. AU

Diamond in the Rough - ffnet // tumblr (1) (2) Incomplete

AU Korra is quick to make friends with Bolin when their paths cross her first day in Republic City, thought the same can’t be said for his brother; Mako is rarely around and seems very skittish around the young Avatar. Meanwhile, Equalist activity is on the rise and Korra has a job to do that just seems to get more and more complicated as time passes, especially with one Equalist in particular… 

What is Real and What is a Dream - tumblr (1)  (2) (3) // ffnet

Korra’s injured during an attack and struggles with her memories.



Made for Each Other - tumblr

Amnesiac Korra is reintroduced to Mako.

I Just Broke Up With the Avatar - tumblr

Post Book 2 Episode Five. Mako struggles with the consequences of his fight with Korra. 2.5k words

Hell is Empty - tumblr

One night, eight-year-old Mako is forced to grow up far too fast. 

True Colors - tumblr

A Spirit’s influence brings out the krew’s true colors. 2.5k post Book 1

Take Control - tumblr

A Spirit takes control of Korra at an inopportune moment. Alternative titles include That Time a Spirit Macked on My Boyfriend.

Destroy Yourself - tumblr

Mako worries when Korra dives too deep into the Avatar Spirit

Make Your Own Luck - tumblr

Mako knew it was mistake coming here, to the underbelly of the city where the triads gambled and fought for fun in the dead of night.  But he was desperate.

The Hunter and the Hunted - ffnet // tumblr

There are mysterious white animals all around the world, and Mako’s family has hunted them for generations. Now it’s his turn. AU 2,540 words

Officer Mako has to arrest Korra - tumblr

208 words

Wanting - tumblr

Sometimes you can’t help who you’re attracted to. Equalist!Makorra Rated M

A Healer’s Touch - tumblr

Katara knew through years of experience that tending to the Avatar didn’t always mean healing physical wounds. She could mend broken bones and burns in a matter of seconds – it was the matters of the heart and mind that took a more delicate touch. 1,428 words.

Playtime - tumblr

Korra learns about a new game that involves a lot of kissing. Soft Makorra smut. 870 words

Experience - tumblr

So, I have this headcanon in which during Korra’s first sexual experience with Mako, she gets so nervous that she accidentally goes into the avatar state and blows his mind with the combined sexual prowess of hundreds of avatars past.” 756 words. M

The First Kiss of Summer - tumblr

Summer in Republic City meant, among other things, fireworks.

Ice Buckets of Love - Part One / Part Two

“Mako. I’m from the South Pole. I feel like my skin is melting off my bones right now.”

Hungry - tumblr

Mako watched in horror, paralyzed on the floor, as Korra’s body contorted in unnatural ways under Amon’s control. 

The Lowest Point - tumblr

When Korra lost her bending, she reached her lowest point. Makorra. 739 words. 

Silver Lining - tumblr

“Korra gets lost in Republic City. Someone finds her and takes her home.”

Lightning Storm - tumblr

“Are you trying to get me to ask you for a demonstration, Mr. I-Can-Bend-Lightning-No-Problem?” 1,072 Words. M

Disaster - tumblr

After being thrown in jail, Mako and Asami have an over-due talk about Korra.

The Joys and Woes of Airbabies - tumblr (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) // ffnet

A collection of one-shots revolving around the airbender kids. 

Strong - tumblr // ffnet

Sometimes, it’s just all too much, even for the Avatar. 1300 words.

Friendship is Easy, Life is Hard - tumblr // ffnet

Series of Makorra friendship one-shots.

#1 Mako and Korra have a heart to heart after that night Amon attacked the arena. 

#2 Mako takes Korra to see a horror film. Aren’t those supposed to be scary?

#3 Pabu gets sick and Korra tries to help

Bedside Manner - tumblr 

Mako gets hurt, Korra tends to him. T+/M-

The Fire Inside - tumblr

Instead of chasing after Bolin, Korra and Mako go back to the attic to finish their… argument. 895 words. Light M

Snowball Fight - tumblr // ffnet

Korra, Mako, and Bolin have a little snowball fight when the first
snowfall of the year comes to Republic City. 1,268 words.

Gone Not Lost - tumblr (1) - (2) // ffnet (1)

When Korra challenged Amon to a duel, he took her bending away. Now she’s going to try and get it back.

Of Hustlers and Sweethearts - tumblr // ffnet

Korra, Mako, and Bolin take the airbending kids to the cherry blossom festival. After a bit of hustling and general festivities with the group, Mako gets Korra alone for a moment. 2,678 words.

Distracted Again - tumblr // ffnet

Mako shows up to the island all wet. 819 words.

A Friend for the Avatar - tumblr // ffnet
How Korra met Naga. 1,484 words

Lucky to Have You - tumblr // ffnet

Korra takes care of a drunk Mako, who lets down quite a few of his walls after a few drinks. Makorra fluff. Prompt 1,312 words

Baby, Ready or Not - tumblr // ffnet

Pema goes into labor earlier than expected. Despite being in the middle of a fight, Korra reaches out to Mako for help. 2,742 words

A Dance in the Moonlight - tumblr // ffnet

After a disappointing party, Mako, Bolin and Korra happen upon the phonograph salesman and after some nudging from Bolin, Mako asks Korra to dance. 820 words

DInner - tumblr // ffnet 

Makorra, friendship. Bolin invites Korra over for dinner and she and Mako have a little bonding time. 840 words

Pretty Boy - tumblr // ffnet 

Makorra, Korra tends to pick fights, and flirt with those she’s about to punch out. Mako is a little jealous. 923 words

Distracted - tumblr // ffnet

Makorra, During a sparring match with Korra, Mako hurts his leg. So now he can’t walk very well…what’s a girl to do? 1,492 words

Too Hot - tumblr

Makorra, Poor watertribe girl suffers from heat on a hot day. 230 words

A Kiss Goodbye - tumblr

Makorra, One interpretation of the kiss shown in the teaser trailer. 634 words