summary: a young orphan working for the Agni Kai’s as a mechanic gets tasked to build a remote for a job. In the process, she comes across a young officer named Mako. (2,700 words)


“Here, get to work.”

The kid fumbled with the handful of scarps thrown into her arms. She looked up from her little desk situated in the corner of their out of the way slum of a shack where all great gangsters do their work. The Agni Kai member gave her a small sneer layered under an overall aura of disinterest. The girl dropped all the items on the desk with a clank, and started picking apart the metal scraps from the wires and the screws.

“Uhhh,” she stuttered, reaching for her glasses resting on the top of her head. There was a small crack in the top left corner of one of the frames, but she pulled them down, settling them on the bridge of her nose. “Sure. Fine. No problem.” The Agni Kai started to walk away with a nod, satisfied, but he didn’t even take two steps before the girl said, “But, uh, what do you want me to do?”

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Legend of Korra, “Lessons”


Prompt: Tenzin or Mako finding about Tahno’s private lesson offer to Korra! -Anon

Rating: T

Pairing: Some kinda Makorra…?


“Get out of here before I beat the shit out of you, Tahno.”

It was early, she was tired, and Tahno had no reason to be at the Pro-Bending Arena at 7 in the morning. Shouldn’t he be catching up on his beauty sleep, or something? He needed as much as he could get.

“Ooh, I’m so scared.” He taunted, leaning against the door way of the gym and pointedly ignoring the glares of the other two Ferrets. He focused solely on Korra, beady eyes leering her in a less-than-appropriate way as she sent him a full force scowl.

“Get out.” She snapped, crossing her arms over her chest as if she felt his eyes there. But she didn’t- Korra was oblivious as always to the way the creepy man’s lingered under the collar when he looked at her. All she saw was an annoyance, not a pervert.

In response to the threat, Tahno shrugged nonchalantly.

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Well this was perfect. 

What’s In A Name


I have written my first Legend of Korra drabble.  Enjoy! ^_^

Title: What’s In A Name
Series: The Legend of Korra
Rating: G
Characters: Mako, Bolin and Pabu.
Summary: Takes place before the series starts. Mako comes home only to discover that Bolin has found a new family member.

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